The wooden casings for our essential oils are another special story. They are made by local artist Zmago Kovac, a painter and woodcraft artist who regularly exhibits in Slovenia.
Each casing is unique, handmade, of course. Zmago is a passionate believer in a sustainable way of life, and such is his art. Every piece of wood he uses in his artworks is a found from the nature. He doesn’t work with wood that has been taken from a living tree! And the only way to protect his wooden products is with natural oils.
For him, making wooden casings for our essential oils was not just a product for which he would get paid. For each piece of wood he carefully selected the type of wood and even the place where he picked up his wood. He tried to relate the story of wood to the story of our oils. And we’re really grateful to him for that. He couldn’t show more respect for our oils than he did in his own unique way….

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