Coniferous essential oils are wonderful for the respiratory system and we are always happy when we create them. Once again, we responded to a call from a forester who had just felled a large spruce tree. Aware that we can make good use of the green parts of the branches that would otherwise be discarded by foresters, we set about picking the twig ends. Grateful that we have the opportunity to get such a quality material – spruce from a clean local environment.
We created essential oil and hydrosol of Slovenian spruce with fragrance of the fresh. Especially at this time of colds it is extremely beneficial for our respiratory system. It refreshes and deodorizes the air, making it very suitable for evaporators and diffusers. The space scented with it is an excellent prevention, and the smell is wonderful and soothing, as it reminds of a walk in the woods. Even so, we can banish this darker period of the year and make it more enjoyable.
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