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Like many stories, our story did not start deliberately. It just happened when we met the right people in the right place at the right time.

At first, distilling essential oils was just our passion. We made quite a few different essential oils just for our soul. Apart from lemon balm, which we grew ourselves, we harvested other plants in the nature. We were driven by the joy of the beauty of scents and our unstoppable creative curiosity. But as beginners, we didn’t have a real sense of the value of what we were creating. Then we met a German naturopath who has been dealing with essential oils all his life. We asked him to rate our oils and when he smelled the first bottle only the quiet ‘Amazing!’ came out of his mouth. He told us that we should not keep our oils only to ourselves, but that they should go out into the world. To help all the people who need them. And so in 2018, Eywineo was born.

Our business is boutique-like. We grow our own herbs, take care of them, distil them and, if possible, personally give essential oils and hydrosols to everyone who needs them. Everything we do along the way is imbued with sustainable action. We know that this is the only way to achieve such energy levels as we intended for our products. Let them bring into your lives the changes you need!

Eva Nedelko

Even back then, when I lived as MBA graduate in a grey world of finance, I passionately grew varieties of old roses. They gave colour to my life and, above all, the smell. And it was their unique scent that lured me into the world of essential oils, distillation and aromatherapy.

I acquired the knowledge of aromatherapy through many trainings and a continuous practical work. I learned about distillation from the distillation master Marco Valussi. In the vicinity of our native town of Maribor, in a beautiful piece of land vibrant with natural energy, Vinko and I created a large Aromatic Garden full of herbs and old scented roses, dedicated mainly to therapeutic treatments. We opened the garden to the public.

Today, aromatherapy and distillation became my professional life. At EYWINEO I take care of herbal education, create new products and services, distil, write, advise people on the use of essential oils, organise and run workshops. I enjoy it immensely and look forward to every moment I could spend in the company of essential oils. This became my way towards personal and spiritual development and my way of life. I am grateful for this invaluable gift.


Vinko Nedelko

Being a curious child, close to the nature and very much into sports, I climbed many hills and run various trails. My holidays and vacations were always spent in the nature, whether it was camping or outdoor sports. When I started learning about the world of herbs and essential oils with the help of Eva, my connection to the nature gained a whole new world.

As a mechanical engineer, I am most attracted to the distillation of herbs. My ‘engineering soul’ found its mission especially in the technical part of the distillation. Indeed, with all the details to be taken care of, one can never run out of challenges. I, too, have learned the theoretical basics of the distillation from Marco Valussi, and then through practical work acquired the necessary skills to successfully distill herbs. Due to my past experience in sales, marketing and corporate management and that of a long-time member of the evaluation committee at the IRDO for the HORUS Prize, I take care of the business part of EYWINEO.

Also, I believe in a holistic approach to life. With years of practising yoga and other spiritual techniques, I have a balanced, sustainable approach to life in which body & mind & spirit are in harmony with each other.


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