- 04.09.2021
Rošpoh-del 157b, 2351 Kamnica

Do you think distilling herbs is complicated?

On the contrary. We’ll show you that you can do it too!
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to distil herbs now, while there are still plenty of herbs available for distillation. For the last time this year, we will be doing it in a nice open space. We will see that even in a small kitchen distiller, you can produce quality herbal hydrolytes yourself in your own kitchen.

We will demonstrate distillation in a 10 litre copper still. It will take place in a covered outdoor area, in pleasant shade and with good company. With you will be Eva Nedelko, an aromatherapist and distiller of local Slovenian essential oils and EYWINEO hydrolates with more than six years of experience in professional distillation of various herbs. Why not save yourself the unnecessary initial mistakes and learn from experienced distillers?

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