Sustainable use of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils and other aromatic plant preparations to improve well-being, support health and balance mind and body.

Sustainability is a very broad concept, often understood in a simplified or even wrong way. One can get stuck already in the definition of sustainability, with different meanings for different audiences. The business world understands it as a sustainable long-term interconnection between three pillars – the planet, people and the profit: the production should thus be carried out in a way unharmful to the planet; the company is supposed to operate in a socially responsible way and the profit should be managed in a way to best support the first two pillars.

How to connect this to essential oils? The production of essential oils is in itself a labor-intensive activity, and the usage of plants is quantitatively often very high. For example, thousands of rose or jasmine petals are used in the production of essential oils. One could justly ask if the extraction of essential oils is sustainable at all.

We believe that the answer lies primarily in the right use of essential oils which are highly concentrated plant substances. Consequently, one drop of an essential oil may have the same or even greater effects than several kilos of fresh or dried plants.

Aromatherapy and natural cosmetics have in recent years become quite trendy. Accordingly, the demand for essential oils is increasing. And there arises a relevant question: does every soap, cleanser, or freshener really need to contain essential oils? Is that the mission of essential oils? Offering a small comfort or much more could be achieved instead?

Essential oils have powerful qualities that remain in a great part still unexplored. True, the number of scientific studies on the effects of essential oils has been increasing exponentially over the last 20 years. One by one, they confirm multiple beneficial effects. There is, however, one characteristic of essential oils, which significantly stands out: the ability to affect our emotions and our spiritual dimensions.

One drop in front of our nose is enough to put us in a completely different mood. The reverent use of essential oils in that effect is something that would be difficult to dispute even from a sustainable point of view.

Consumers’ purchases show enough what approach people have in terms of sustainability. Oil producers and distillers are in a sense just an extended arm of the consumers. It is not enough to just check the sustainability label of a distillers or a vendor of essential oils, sustainability begins with us. And EYWINEO essential oils are meant for the very people who are aware of that.

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