YARROW hydrosol

Achillea millefolium


YARROW hydrosol



100% natural, undiluted, preservative-free, unfiltered

Volume: 100 ml

Parts of the plant: flowers

Plant habitat: Aromatic Garden at Vida’s, Slovenia

Method of cultivation: cultivated

Distillation method: extended steam distillation, classical method

Distillation water: spring and plain water

Date of distillation: July 2023

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Yarrow hydrolate is another specialty in our offer. At the time of distillation, it was a beautiful BLUE COLOR, which was quite strong. We did not intentionally filter it, because otherwise the hydrolate would lose its color when filtered. This blue color is formed only as a result of chemical processes in distillation, in nature the plant does not have this color. It confirms the presence of chamazulene, which gives the hydrolate a high therapeutic value.

In the distillation, we used only the flowers of plants grown in our Fragrant Garden, all stems were removed. Maybe that’s why we got such a strong azure blue color of the hydrolate. The distillation was very long and took four hours without preparation of the material.

The hydrolate has a strong herbal scent, which is by no means unpleasant. In it, a healer of great potential is perceived, as the yarrow is said to have been used by Achilles to heal the wounds of his soldiers on the battlefield.

Yarrow hydrolate is a stable hydrolate. It is safe to use for both outdoor and indoor use. It must be used within 24 months or within 3 months of opening.

It is quite versatile, so the possibilities for its use are different.

  • For the skin: it has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps with ruptured capillaries, varicose veins. acne, psoriasis
  • For the gastrointestinal tract: facilitates digestion and detoxifies
  • For wounds: can be used to clean wounds
  • For women problems: helps relieve PMS
  • For emotions: soothes and helps with insomnia
  • For the scalp: helps cleanse dandruff

In case of uncertainty in use, consult an aromatherapist.


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