MELISSA hydrosol

Melissa officinalis


MELISSA hydrosol



100% natural, undiluted, no preservatives

Volume: 100 ml

Parts of the plant: green twig ends and flowers

Plant habitat: Aromatic Garden at Vida’s, Slovenia

Method of cultivation: cultivated

Distillation method: steam distillation, classical method

Distillation water: spring water

Date of distillation: June 2021

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Our lemon balm is grown in the carefully groomed Herb garden of ours, in a beautiful, pure and energy-rich location. You can find more about lemon balm in Herb garden. Of all the plants that we grow and distill this one is by far the most delicate. It requires dedication and constant care from start to finish. As it grows, it needs enough nutrients, moisture and protection against intrusive weeds which can completely outgrow it. Follows a harvest, which is quite an endeavor. It must happen in the right moment, just before the flowering, the weather should not be too hot, it must not be after a heavy rain… All of that has an effect on how much essential oil will be yielded. And quantities are already small as it is. Once picked, it must go directly into a distiller, so as not to start losing the oil.

Only first-class and healthy plants are handpicked and collected for distillation. Lemon balm is distilled with clean spring water since only such water can complement the plant with beneficial effects.

The smell of lemon balm resembles that of a lemon and has a pleasant calming effect. Due to its superior sedative abilities, it is highly appreciated in dealing with neurological conditions, especially anxiety and depression. The color of oil is pale yellow. As it is prone to oxidation, it is recommended to keep it in a cool place.

As it has the ability to calm the restlessness of our brain, it is used in products alleviating mild depression and even with Alzheimer’s disease.

Lemon balm hydrolat is one of the gentlest we know. It is safe for both external and internal use. It is among less stable and should be used within 12 months of the distillation date. Its use is very diverse. Because of its gentle character, it can also be used for younger children.

  • skin: perfectly nourishes sensitive skin, soothes skin inflammation
  • viruses: has a rare ability to help against herpes simplex
  • nervous system: relaxes and calms, helps against stress and insomnia
  • cuisine: due to its characteristic citrus taste it can be added to drinks, ice creams, desserts…

In case of uncertainty about the use, consult an aromatherapist.


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