Melissa officinalis





100 % natural, undiluted

Quantity: 2 ml

Ingredients: geranial, neral, citronelal, b-pinen, geraniol

Part of the plant used: green parts of the plants

Plant habitat: Aromatic Garden at Vida’s, Slovenia

Growing type: cultivated

Distillation method: steam distillation, classical method

Distillation water: spring water

Distillation date: June 2022

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Our lemon balm grows in the carefully groomed Herb garden of ours, in a beautiful, pristine and energy-rich location. You can find more about lemon balm in Herb garden. Of all the plants that we grow and distill this one is by far the most delicate. It requires dedication and constant care from start to finish. As it grows, it needs enough nutrients, moisture and protection against intrusive weeds which can completely outgrow it. Follows a harvest, which is quite an endeavor. It must happen in the right moment, just before the flowering, the weather should not be too hot, it must not be after a heavy rain… All of that has an effect on how much essential oil will be yielded. And quantities are already small as it is. Once picked, it must go directly into a distiller, so as not to start losing the oil.

Only first-class and healthy plants are hand-picked and collected for distillation. Lemon balm is distilled with clean spring water since only such water can complement the plant with beneficial effects. The plant contains only 0.02 – 0.3 % of oil, but that one is very complex. Large quantities of plant material need to be extracted to produce only small volumes of oil, hence lemon balm oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.

The smell of lemon balm resembles that of a lemon and has a pleasant calming effect. Due to its superior sedative abilities, it is highly appreciated in dealing with neurological conditions, especially anxiety and depression. The color of the oil is pale yellow. As it is prone to oxidation, it is recommended to keep it in a cool place.

Energy effects: cooling

Physical effects:

  • nervous system: can help in all cases where the nervous system disrupts the functioning of body organs or the hormonal system – insomnia, restlessness, irritability, depression, upset stomach, migraines, milder stages of dementia, stress
  • female reproductive system: helps ease menstrual cramps and migraines
  • skin: helps in inflammatory conditions and especially in cases of herpes simplex
  • emotions: can help to eliminate anxiety and mood changes

Therapeutic effects:

  • antidepressant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antivirus
  • calming


Many studies have shown numerous positive effects of lemon balm essential oil. However, caution is advised with the following medical conditions:

  • it can potentially irritate skin; oil should therefore always be tested before being used on skin, especially if skin is already damaged
  • oral use is not recommended for patients who are using drugs for diabetes
  • oral use is not recommended during pregnancy


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