LAUREL hydrosol

Laurus nobilis


LAUREL hydrosol



100% natural, undiluted, no preservatives

Volume: 100 ml

Parts of the plant: green twig ends

Plant habitat: Dalmatia, Croatia

Method of cultivation: wild grown

Distillation method: steam distillation, classical method

Distillation water: plane water

Date of distillation: June 2023


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The mighty shrubs of laurel have been with the mankind for a long time. The name itself says a lot about plant’s qualities -‘Laurus’ means fame. The plant had been highly esteemed by ancient healers, and its reputation only increased in the middle ages, when it was attributed the ability to repel evil. To that end, people planted it next to front doors of their houses.

Laurel is collected by hand in the pristine nature of Dalmatia. In densely grown, rugged Dalmatian forests it hides among trees. His leather-like leaves yield scent only when we crush them. Therefore, when preparing for distillation, it is necessary to cut each leave at least once, otherwise they keep their noble content to themselves.

Already smelling laurel makes us understand why it has always been associated with nobility and why laurel wreaths had been decorating the winners. The smell is very aromatic, warm and sweet. It boosts our self-esteem and makes us want to surpass our limits.

Laurel hydrolat is safe to use. It is a medium stable and should be used within 18 months after the date of distillation. It is safe for both external and internal use; diluting it with water is not necessary.

Its use is diverse, applicable in a variety of conditions:

  • skin: as a tonic it is recommended mainly for oily and masculine skin, perfectly nourishing the skin after shaving or depilating
  • oral cavity: eliminates bad breath and helps with problems of the oral cavity and gums
  • muscles: applied as a coating on muscles it can relieve pain, tension and strains caused by a heavy load lifting
  • room freshener: sprinkled in a diffuser it beautifully scents an indoor space and relaxes
  • cuisine: tastes great and can be added for its scent to a variety of dishes

In case of uncertainty about the use, consult an aromatherapist.





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