Matricaria recutita





100% natural, undiluted, no preservatives

Volume: 100 ml

Parts of the plant: green twig ends and flowers

Plant habitat: Aromatic Garden at Vida’s, Slovenia

Method of cultivation: cultivated

Distillation method: steam distillation, classical method

Distillation water: spring water

Date of distillation: May 2021

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Chamomile used in our hydrolat offer comes straight from our Herb garden. You will find more about it on our Herb garden page. It is wonderful to see our chamomile field when the plant is in full bloom. Among all our herbal flowers, chamomile is the only one which closes its delicate buds in bad weather and before the night fall, opening them again at the sunrise.

Chamomile draws its characteristic smell directly from its essential oil, which is one of rare that turns indigo blue during the distillation. Hydrolat on the other hand, is colorless, clear and translucent but keeps the characteristic smell that we know of chamomile teas, conveying the  feeling of tenderness and calm. Hydrolat is distilled with the pure spring water from the hills of Pohorje since we are fully aware that apart from the plant it is also water that is an essential health agent.

The smell of chamomile relaxes and calms. It takes us back to our childhood, reminding us of the care given by our mother during our various childhood problems.

Chamomile hydrolat is very gentle. It is safe for both external and internal use. It belongs to stable hydrolats and can be used within 24 months after the distillation date. Its use is quite diverse. Due to its gentle character, it can be used for younger children and babies.

  • babies: soothes skin inflammation due to diapers, is generally soothing and helps with sleep
  • skin: soothes various skin inflammations, helps to eliminate acne, psoriasis, sunburn, has beneficial effect on sensitive skin
  • nervous system: relaxes, soothes, relieves stress

In case of uncertainty about the use, consult an aromatherapist.


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