Sustainability is a very commonly used word lately, especially in the western world. As a distiller I often wonder why we do not emphasise “sustainability” in connection with essential oils and hydrosols.

Without a doubt, “locally” is a top trend in everything related to natural materials and food. If so, essential oils are very logical part of it. Locally grown food, herbs, fruits, etc. are highly recommended for their nutritional and health benefits, as are essential oils. They are made of herbs and there is nothing as healthy for your body as using products from your home environment.
However, sustainability goes far beyond just “locally”. This means that you are part of a special system of thinking and acting in everyday life. Concern for the environment and society are your very important life values.
A sustainable attitude to essential oils could mean many things, most notably:
• connecting with your local distiller, that distils locally grown herbs;
• selecting an environmentally responsible distiller;
• selecting oils that have been produced using environmentally responsible distillation methods;
• developing relationship of trust and partnership with your distiller;
• awareness of the sustainable use of essential oils.
Only a local distiller you know and trust can assure you that the oils meet all the above criteria. Maybe you can even visit him and take part in distillation of oils that you are going to use. I cannot imagine any better way of cooperation between distiller and user and I really hope, that one day I will be able to connect with a community of people with whom I will share my thoughts on the sustainable use of essential oils.

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