Old varieties of roses

"If you want to enjoy the scent of a rose, you must also accept its thorns." – Isaac Hayes


Gallicas, Damascenas, Centifolias, Portland roses, Bourbon roses…

Fragrant old varieties of roses are great love of ours. Almost forgotten, they are now returning to our gardens. They were almost evicted by modern hybrid roses which may look nicer in a vase but do not have what is most wonderful with a rose – the divine scent.

Old varieties of roses enchanted us with their scent, and furthermore they are the reason why we decided to work with essential oils. Over 30 different varieties and over 200 shrubs of roses are currently growing among other herbs in our Herb garden. We are very much looking forward to the day when they will yield that special and rare essential oil.

Rosa Mundi

Rosa gallica ‘Versicolor’
The most beautiful among striped roses
First mentioned in 1583

Medicinal properties of roses

Rose is one of few plants that have the ability to harmonize processes in our bodies; where body organs and body systems need a boost they get it, on the other hand, calming effects take place when too is much going on in our body. Medicinal plants are therefore great conductors and it is no surprise that in the Middle Ages they were used to treat virtually all problems.

Roses with their energy vibration exceed on this planet everything that we know of. With emitted 320 MHz they are champions. And knowing that already with the energy vibration it is possible to heal, we can realize what an immensely powerful assistant we have in roses.

Roses systemically act on the hormonal system, purify, soothe, shrink tissue and are a great aphrodisiac. Their energy effects are cooling. As flowers of Venus, they have always been associated with love and remain among most romantic plants in the world.


Botanical family: Rosaceae
The most fragrant among fragrant ones

Gallic roses

Botanical family: Rosacea
Also known as ‘French roses’

Eva's first rose garden

My first rose garden was created on a completely different location than that of today. It was the result of a true obsession with the beauty of roses. I was looking for roses that smelled particularly good and tried to create on a limited piece of land a splendid place as it befits those beauty queens. For all my care and dedication they rewarded me with incredibly beautiful flowers and scents. They taught me how to recognize different nuances of scents, thus leading me to the world of aromatherapy.

There are over 100 different varieties of roses growing in my garden. They have accompanied me on my way from a complete beginner to a great rose lover. They sent me on a journey through many flower gardens in Slovenia and Europe so that I could bring home new skills and methods.  And whatever they have taught me, I am happy today to pass forward to everyone who has got a ‘call from roses’ as I did once.

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