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Certified holistic aromatherapist
Lover of old fragrant varieties of roses
Distiller artisan with a proper line of energy-full essential oils EYWINEO
Author of articles and lecturer
Nature & Mindful Lifestyle practitioner
Around-the-world traveler
Owner of the Aromatic Garden at Vida’s – open to the public

Eva’s aromatherapy path

Not really planning for it, my aromatherapy experience began more than a decade ago when fragrant old varieties of roses first entered into my life. I arranged a lush rosarium in my home garden and, while researching scents of the roses, came across essential oils. There was no going back, essential oils became my passion, and today this passion became my professional occupation.
I gained and developed my aromatherapy knowledge gradually, as if assembling pieces into a mosaic. First, I started with courses. My first one was a series of lectures on Psychological Aromatherapy by Melani Kovač. I continued with French Aromatherapy at the American School for Aromatic Studies by Cathy Skipper and Jade Shutes. In the Aromahead Institute by Andrei Butje, I deepened my knowledge on the effects of essential oils on viruses and on our immune system. Studying the Aromatic Medicine program again at the School for Aromatic Studies by Jade Shutes, I gained a holistic approach to aromatherapy. I am also a holder of the Slovenian National Proffesionals Qualification – Aromatherapist.
I then put my theoretical knowledge into practice. For five years, I have been dedicated myself to anyone who seeks advice on health benefits and the use of essential oils. At the beginning of my journey, I enthusiastically advised my family members and friends, and ever since my professional aromatherapy engagement at EYWINEO, I am happy to advice all who need my help in my own practice.
Today, my special passion is holistic aromatherapy which thoroughly addresses a person and his problems. Also, I am instilling into my therapeutic action the awareness that problems of our physical body largely derive from mental blockages. I believe that essential oils are invaluable and unmistakable assistants and remain my ultimate support.

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