Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils and other aromatic plant preparations to improve well-being, support health and balance mind and body.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful, intoxicatingly fragrant and sensual method of supporting health and well-being. There aren’t many such pleasant methods, since regardless which aromatherapy product we choose, we can always appreciate the pleasure of a beautiful smell. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a more pleasant way to support health.


Already Hippocrates used a holistic approach to treating clients, focusing not only on symptoms of a particular disease but holistically addressing physical and mental states, as well as the energy level of a person. Using the same holistic approach, an aromatherapist has a great assistant in essential oils which have an exceptional ability to function on both, the physical and spiritual levels of a person. This is exactly the approach that we take towards our clients within our aroma treatments.


  • relieving colds
  • alleviating bronchitis and sinusitis conditions
  • alleviating asthma
  • alleviating infection in mouth cavity


  • relieving stress and burnout
  • alleviating depression and anxiety
  • promoting concentration
  • alleviating insomnia


  • skin lesions regeneration
  • slowing down signs of skin aging
  • providing care for all skin types
  • alleviating dermatitis, fungi, inflammations


  • relieving menopausal problems
  • relieving PMS
  • alleviating inflammations and infections
  • regulating hormone activity


  • relieving muscle cramps
  • boosting muscle blood flow
  • healing muscle injuries
  • soothing muscle and joint pain


  • clearing energy blocks
  • harmonizing energy centers
  • supporting therapeutic processes
  • releasing trauma

These are just some uses of aromatherapy, but in reality, aromatherapy can do so much more!

Aromatic blend

Typically, an aromatic blend contains at least three different essential oils. Experienced aroma therapists know that in well-prepared blends the power of essential oils not only adds up but even potentiates!

The goal of a holistic aromatherapist is to help a client on both physical and spiritual levels. Preparation of such a blend requires dedication, a lot of knowledge and experience, as well as a touch of intuition. Since it always needs to be personalised for client’s individual needs, it may take several days to obtain a proper aromatherapy formula preparation.

Ways of using aromatic blends

Many people wrongly think that aromatherapists only use a massage in their work with clients. A massage is indeed a powerful tool, but by no means the only one. Indeed, the choice is very broad.

The basic rule is that essential oils should always be diluted. The medium for dilution is of a broad spectrum – any plant oil, alcohol, milk, honey, clay, salt. Water alone is not suitable since essential oils are not soluble in water.

Steam inhalations, electronic aroma diffusers, pocket inhalers, aromatic ointments, scented honey are all available to help with respiratory problems. Flavoured creams and oils, compresses, baths, tonics are all very useful for skin problems. To boost well-being, the use of fragrant vaporisers, aromatic room sprays, diffusers, or saunas with essential oils is being recommended. Furthermore, a perfume can be a therapeutic agent, as long as it is made purposefully and from natural essential oils. Options are really great…

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