AROMA-TASTING is a unique sensorial experience with the natural aromas of the traditional Slovenian herbs in their natural environment. We have designed it for all lovers of beautiful scents who want to learn more about the origins of the aromatic essential oils, their scents and the effects that smelling them can have on our well-being and health.

In this sophisticated but fun sensory experience, we have combined learning about traditional Slovenian herbs in a walk through the magical Fragrance Garden at Vida’s, tasting herbs aromas and learning about different ways of smelling them. The charming open-air wooden pavilion where you can enjoy the aromas will make sure that those touch you deeply. The pavilion is located at a special point in the garden where the earth’s source energies are particularly strong.

How does the AROMA-TASTING Experience work?

Through stories, we will take you on a guided tour of the Vida’s Fragrance Garden into the world of ancient herbs, their use, distillation and the uniqueness of the essential oils that come from the herbs in the garden. In a wooden pavilion we will follow-up with stories on the special world of scenting, fragrances and the use of essential oils.

And to make sure the stories don’t stop there, you’ll be able to taste all the aromas for yourself. You will experience them in very different ways and you will be surprised by the variety of ways you will be able to interact with them. We will play games to take you deep into the world of scents.

What does the AROMA-TASTING Experience include?

1. Guided tour of the beautiful Fragrance Garden at Vida's

The garden is situated in a beautiful place on a hill above the city of Maribor. Unlike other herb plantations it is designed as a small park, with walking paths and corners to enjoy - a large wooden swing, a stone fireplace, fragrant roses...

2. Learning about traditional Slovenian herbs and their scents

Quite a few traditional herbs have almost disappeared from our kitchens, tea pots and everyday use. It is time for comeback. That's why we'll bring them back to you and take you back to our grandmothers' times through the direct experience of their scent. You will be able to compare the scents of in our garden with the scents of the essential oils we extract from them by distillation.

3. Using boutique local essential oils

It is not easy to find really good quality and genuine essential oils. Our boutique essential oils are extracted exclusively from locally grown or harvested plants, our herbs or oils are not imported from far away. Only selected essential oils will be used for all activities during our experience.

4. Learning about different smelly techniques

It does matter which smelling technique you use. There are many, and the results you can achieve with them vary widely. We'll show you how to smell correctly for your chosen purpose.

5. Boutique guarantee and a commemorative gift

The AROMA-TASTING Experience is available for private groups. We guarantee the exclusivity of the experience and personal approach, as there will be no one else in the garden during your experience. All participants will receive a symbolic gift - a 50 ml bottle of EYWINEO herbal hydrolat.

About the location of the experience...

Vida’s Fragrance Garden is located in the settlement of Srednje above Bresternica near Maribor. This is an idyllic location above the River Drava, with views across the entire Drava. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, but close enough for the ten-minute drive from Maribor. The village of Bresternica, in a valley along the Drava River, is reachable also by a city bus. The ascent to Srednje nad Bresternico is short and leads along a winding asphalt road between picturesque hills.

The nature of Srednje is pristine, untouched by industry or mass tourism. It offers plenty of opportunities for individual exploration of the picturesque hilly surroundings, whether by car, bicycle or on foot. There are several well-known excursion points nearby – Žavcarjev vrh, Urban, Gaj. The fragrance garden is located in the immediate vicinity of the well-known tourist farm Žunko, where accommodation is also possible by prior arrangement.


  • private groups of 6-12 people
  • language: Slovene, English, German

1,5 – 2 hours

59 EUR

The price also includes the boutique essential oils and hydrolates needed for the work in the programme.
For smaller groups, the price of the experience is subject to change.


  • May-October, weather permitting
  • Monday-Saturday
  • registration is required at least 7 days before the event
  • for more information contact or 041 505 897

Who will guide us?

Eva Nedelko

Eva is an aromatherapist, old roses lover, distiller and lecturer. She completed her Master's degree in Financial Management and gradually turned to aromatherapy while working in the financial sector. She designed the Fragrance Garden at Vida's full of traditional Slovenian herbs and the Eva's Rose Garden with a collection of fragrant old rose varieties, which she is passionate about. Her dedication to working with roses has opened the way to higher perceptions and the study of their scent has connected her to the world of essential oils. She has completed several internationally renowned aromatherapy trainings. She is also a Slovenian NPK Aromatherapist.

For more than eight years she has been distilling essential oils of the highest purity, which she has combined into the EYWINEO brand. She has also been a dedicated consultant for the past five years, offering advice on the health benefits of essential oils to anyone who needs it. Her particular passion is holistic aromatherapy, which treats people and their problems holistically. She is happy to pass on her knowledge in workshops on distillation and aromatherapy.

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